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CFCC BCCC has started!

So the nutrition competition at CrossFit Center City started today, and I probably should have put a better foot forward on day one and not drank the few beers I had while tailgating the Eagles game and at my double-header at Kickball today (we won the first game and tied the second).  Food wise I did a very good job with what I ate, it was just the handful of beers I consumed that didn't do me any favors.

I stopped at Reading Terminal Market after working out this morning and picked up breakfast and dinner for the week.  I didn't think to get anything for lunches though, so I'll have to either make smart choices while eating out, or figure something else out tomorrow night.

Also, my three cook books showed up and I've been reading them .  They are as follows:

For anyone that is interested in trying to help get their body on track and figure things out, I highly recommend the Practical Paleo book for the knowledge it can provide, plus all the amazing recipes it contains as well.

That said, there's a ton of amazing recipes that I'm completely psyched and ready to make during this competition.  I am very interested to see how things go!

Also, for those following along at home, there are going to be BCCC related blogs updated on the CFCC website if you want to read along there as well.

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